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Davy Bergier〈作曲/編曲/ギタリスト/ボーカル〉

 Name:Davy Bergier デビ ・Monsieur D(trilingual: French / English / Japanese)
 WebSite:<><Monsieur D><

 Musical Education:
 ・1982 – 1996 – Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Besancon.
 ・1988 – 1996 – Student of Jesus-Castro Balbi, Classical Guitar.
 ・2010 – today – Teaching private guitar lesson in Tokyo.


 ・2021年5月、3D Animation「Welcome to Shimajiro's Grocery Shop!」(YouTube)

NEW 2022年1月、木村拓哉 NewAlbum「Next Destination」へ作曲家として参加。収録曲「夜は朝に追われて」提供。

 Max & CoTiffany, Tag Heuer, Godiva, Mercedes, Glamour Sales, Fashion, etc.
 Music for OP, Pub, Corporate Films, Branding :
 Mitsubishi, H.I.S Japan, Life Osaka Supermarket, Panasonic Japan,
 Ripobitan D, Country Ma’am, Sekisuiheim, Yahoo Japan, Nissin
 Chicken Ramen, Family Mart Angel heart Shampoo, Change Ta
 Chambre, Echologis,Interieur, Du Cote de Chez Vous, Maison
 d’Hotes, Atelier d’Artistes, Japan Dance Project , Schick Japan,
 Lexus, Mercedes 125th, Shu Uemura China, Pernod Ricard Japan,
 Espace Louis Vuitton, Sanofi China, Perrier & Jouet, Architanz Studio,
 Nike Shangai, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Tv 3D, Chivas, Kenzo, Yahoo France,
 Honda Zoomer, etc.

 -Film Score-
 SPACE HORSE(Cartoon Network), IRON SPYDER(trailer
 START.OPTIONS. EXIT(long), MOTIFS(short animation)
 FLARE(long), Mr.HARADA(short animation)
 WACKEY WACKEY(short), APNOMIA(art video)

 -Live Performance-
 ・2020 – Kimura Takuya - Go with the Flow 2020 (Concert Tour) 
 ・2014 – Smap Mr.S -Saikou de Saikou (Concert Tour)
 ・2012 – Smap gift of Smap (Concert Tour)
 ・2011 – Thanks for Beijing, Smap (Concert)
 ・2011 – Jun Shibuki 25th Live Anniversary (Concert)
 ・2011 – Koda Kumi’s Dream Music Park (Concert)
 ・2010 – We are Smap! (Concert Tour)
 ・2006 – 2015 Founder of Only Music (Publishing Company)
 ・2001 – 2008 Artistic Director at Pschent Music (Hotel Costes Compilations)
 ・2000 – Djam & Fam (Concert Tour)
 ・1998 – Jimmy Cliff (Ricards S.A. Tour with Squeegee)
 ・1998 – Francofolies Squeegee (Montreal Concerts)
 ・1995 – Djam & Fam (Concert Tour)
 -1995 Several Local Concerts with DAFUNK
 Has also plays DJ at Mezzanine de l’Alcazar, PCM Tokyo, Womb Tokyo,
 Warehouse, Loop Daikanyama, & for several brands in Japan
 as the French Ambassy Tokyo

 ・2020 – Forthcoming release with Grand Royal Tokyo
 ・2016 – Mr. D -Shadow City (EP Davy/Astromusic)
 ・2016 – Somewhere (Bandcamp)
 ・2014 – People Like You Have Some Pride (Davy B Remix) (Zelda Prod.)
 ・2014 – This Year’s Girl – Dirty Dogs (Davy The Dog’s Killer rmx)
 ・2013 – Deane Ogden Jeyda
   (Davy’s French Kiss Rmx) (TransAtlantic Battery Corp/Verve Int’l)
 ・2010 – Computer Boy – EP (Poor Records)
 ・2008 – Malou Unbelievable (db Remix) (Disco Wax)
 ・2006 – Smiling Machine (Astromusic)
 ・2006 – Bach Brothers 260 (Private Sound)
 ・2005 – Dv – Intérieurs, Le Générique (CD, Single) (Only Music)
 ・2005 – Less Is More (Davy Bergier Remix) Fortuna (7) Feat. Asia Argento
  (Poor Records) 2004 – Charles Schillings Spin It Right! (Db Remix as Db)
  (Pschent) 2003 – Stéphane Pompougnac Closer To Julie (Kelly’s Walk Remix)
  D. Bergier (Wagram Music)Mita H-STUDIO // Davy B